The Cloud is the most recent trend in enterprise computing and it is being adopted by organizations that want a cost-effective, quick and efficient computing platform. Gartner analyst firm predicts that the cloud will increasingly impact nearly every IT organization in the most transformative ways.


As clients look to leverage a consumption model, paying for technology as-as-service in a cloud computing model is in high demand.  With the rapid growth of Amazon Web Services and other prominent cloud computing firms, the market is significant and we as IT Solutions providers need to empower with tailored services.  Our experience and expertise encompasses virtualization, core infrastructure solutions, and data center rationalization in and around the cloud.  

At Source 1, we support our clients with cloud initiatives and projects by making sure we fully understand the customer’s current IT environment first and appreciate both the benefits and implications of a cloud solution.  Whether an off-premise, on premise, multi-tenant, private, or hybrid solution – we will work with your team to ensure the underlying technology is robust, the roadmap is clear, and the right decisions are made to ensure security, scalability, and optimization are at the forefront of the solution.