Source 1 Support improves technology ROI by extending product lifecycles, maximizing cost-saving opportunities + simplifying support management through multiple IT platform consolidation



With Source 1's outsourced help-desk services, customers can focus on delivering core solutions & managing relationships. Manned 24/7 by technical staff, consumers receive support any time of day or night:

  • Flexible solutions tailored to requirements
  • Single-point maintenance optimization
  • Vendor-agnostic maintenance specialists
  • Advanced disaster recovery


Identifying and resolving technical issues before they impact operational performance is critical. With proactive 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring, we specialize in providing comprehensive expert support:

  • Industry-leading SLAs
  • Intelligent multi-platform monitoring
  • OEM protocol & procedure expertise
  • Robust data-security innovations


Source 1’s trusted engineers are highly experienced with extensive knowledge of the latest IT technologies. They deliver intelligent maintenance services that help empower customers’ daily operations:

  • Reduce spend by 30-70%
  • Just-in-time spares program
  • Extend existing systems lifecycles & applications