The Source 1 Unified Wireless Network features a comprehensive architecture of security tools and technologies to secure the WLAN environment, clients & infrastructure. 

To optimize a wireless network, you need to genuinely understand all of its existing and potential nuances. For a wireless solution to realize its full potential both users and businesses must have a great experience – no outages, no overloads, no delays. Without this security you have a potential disaster on your hands – and an expensive one at that.

At Source 1 we regularly help our IT clients select and design best of breed wireless technology solutions and topologies in accordance with the user requirements. Our knowledge is vast, our connections and partnerships enviable, and our approach unique.

To support design of a wireless solution Source 1 offers predictive performance analysis, site environmental surveys in order to co-ordinate access point and controller location, and spectral analysis. Our engineers work through a structured and proven process to fulfill an implementation including pre-staging, factory and user acceptance testing and comprehensive handover.

And it doesn’t stop there… Our 24 X 7 support desk manned by technical engineers provides technical support and issue resolution for wireless solutions whenever you need it - offered as a fully white-labelled service.